Hit the road, Daniel

Any. 20. SPAIN.

All Time Low. The Maine. You Me At Six. We Are The In Crowd.
Supernatural. Glee. Veronica Mars. Gilmore Girls. The OC. Doctor Who.
Daniel Brühl. Jim Sturgess.
Milo Ventimiglia. Grant Gustin. Blake Jenner. Stiles.
I survived the Mishapocalypse.
Never forget you, Cory.


Hal, Tom and Alex. My favorite “Being Human” trio.

"I’m not letting a good man die of grief just to protect the fucking twilight franchise."

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Just started watching the last season of ‘Being Human’. It makes me kinda sad.

hal yorke picspam per episode
5.5 - no care, all responsibility [x]

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Random shirtless sweaty Hal 

because fuck you that’s why

Hal Yorke + blue and yellow (requested by anonymous)

Hal Yorke + blue and yellow (requested by anonymous)

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The World’s Unlikeliest Brotp: Tom McNair and Hal Yorke